Behavior Modelling Language

Integration of requirements via the integrated views discovers inadequacies in a set of requirements, in the same way putting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle allows us to discover if some pieces are missing and/or some do not fit. The single integrated behavioral view (IBT-Integrated Behavior Tree) of a set of requirements that behavior trees allow us to construct represents an essential criterion of fitness that should be applied to every set of requirements used to develop a system. The integrated compositional view (ICT- Integrated Composition Tree), encapsulates a specially structured view of the complete system vocabulary organized in a way designed to expose and resolve aliases and other language defects in a set.

In contrast to some other languages the representations used by BML directly imply where and how they can be used to develop a system. They guide the design of the process for using them in the same way the decimal notation guides or limits how addition, etc is done. The key constructive processes of translation and integration follow directly from the representations we use to formalize the behavioural information and compositional information in individual requirements. The integrated Behavior Modeling Process (BMP) captures how BML is used to model a system.